1. Getting started with the tag manager

The Marketing Tags app serves as a centralized platform for overseeing various marketing tags, including Web analytics, snippets of third-party content, and advertising network codes. This application empowers users to generate tags and effortlessly deploy them onto web pages.

Marketing tags consist of code snippets that you embed in web pages. These tags commonly gather analytics data, such as the number of page views and the duration of visitor stays. Additionally, tags facilitate the integration of third-party content, such as social media elements or advertising campaigns, into your website. Employing tags allows you to gain insights into visitor behavior or deliver tailored content.

Typically composed of JavaScript code, a tag activates when a page loads, systematically gathering usage data about both the page and the visitor. Subsequently, the tag transmits this data to the associated service, where it is stored and subjected to analysis.

Accessing the Tag Manager App / Marketing Tags

  • To begin, log into Magnolia AdminCentral.

  • Once logged in, navigate to the 'Dev' section. Here, you'll find a tool labeled 'Marketing Tags'.