Magnolia JCR Query Tutorial

Magnolia JCR queries are an important tool for developers to access and retrieve content from Magnolia's Java Content Repository, using an SQL-like syntax.

As the JCR 2.0 specifications are not implemented exactly, searching through the resources available online can be a challenge.

The limitations of the syntax often cause difficulties and this tutorial is intended to assist by providing guidance.

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About the author

Markus Antalfy

Markus Antalfy, an experienced developer with a great passion for content management systems, has built up extensive knowledge and expertise over the years. He joined Arvato Systems in 2016, specialising in Magnolia CMS and working as a certified Advanced Magnolia Developer. Having worked on numerous projects, he has not only developed a deep understanding of the technical requirements, but also a keen eye for the needs of developers and authors.

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