10. Groovy Script - Use Cases

Magnolia Groovy Script - Use Cases

Here you will find a selection of use cases that will support you in your daily work with Groovy script

Content Manipulation

Bulk updating content properties

import info.magnolia.context.MgnlContext

def jcrSession = MgnlContext.getJCRSession("website")
def rootNode = jcrSession.getNode("/path/to/page")
rootNode.nodes.each { node ->
    if (node.isNodeType("mgnl:content")) {
        node.setProperty("newProperty", "newValue")

Page Node Manipulation

Change a property in a page node, save and publish it

import info.magnolia.context.MgnlContext
import info.magnolia.commands.CommandsManager
import info.magnolia.jcr.util.NodeUtil

// Function to update a property on a node
def updateProperty(Node node, String propertyName, String propertyValue) {
    if (node.hasProperty(propertyName)) {
        node.setProperty(propertyName, propertyValue)
        println "Property '${propertyName}' changed on node: ${node.getPath()}"
    } else {
        println "Property '${propertyName}' not found on node: ${node.path}"

// Function to publish a node using the workflow module
def publishNode(Node node) {
    String nodePath = node.getPath()
    try {
        map = new java.util.LinkedHashMap<String, String>()
        map.put("path", nodePath)
        map.put("repository", "website")
        map.put("recursive", false)
        cm = info.magnolia.commands.CommandsManager.getInstance()

        println "Published node: ${nodePath}"
    } catch (Exception e) {
        println "Unable to publish node: ${nodePath}"
        println "Error: ${e.message}"

// Main script logic
def session = MgnlContext.getJCRSession("website")
def nodePath = "/your/path"

try {
    def rootNode = session.getNode(nodePath)
    // Update property
    updateProperty(rootNode, "temp", "2")
    // Save session changes
    // Publish the node
} catch (javax.jcr.PathNotFoundException e) {
    println "Error: The node with path '${nodePath}' does not exist."
} catch (Exception e) {
    println "Error processing node: ${nodePath}, Error: ${e.message}"

User Management Tasks

Accessing user Data

import info.magnolia.context.MgnlContext

def jcrSession = MgnlContext.getJCRSession("users")
def rootNode = jcrSession.getNode("/system")

def childNodes = rootNode.getNodes()

childNodes.eachWithIndex { user, index ->
    def username = user.getName()
    println "Username ${index+1}: $username"

Change the publish date of a page

import info.magnolia.context.MgnlContext
import java.text.SimpleDateFormat
import java.util.Calendar

// Define the path of the page and the new publish date
def pagePath = "/your/path"
def newPublishDateStr = "2024-02-22" // Format: YYYY-MM-DD
def targetProperty = "mgnl:lastActivated"

// Function to parse the date string and return a Calendar object
def parseDate(String dateStr) {
    SimpleDateFormat sdf = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd")
    Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance()
    cal.time = sdf.parse(dateStr)
    return cal

// Main script logic
def session = MgnlContext.getJCRSession("website")
if (session.nodeExists(pagePath)) {
    def pageNode = session.getNode(pagePath)
    def newPublishDate = parseDate(newPublishDateStr)

    // Update the publish date
    if (pageNode.hasProperty(targetProperty)) {
        pageNode.setProperty(targetProperty, newPublishDate)
        println "Updated publish date of '${pagePath}' to '${newPublishDateStr}'"
    } else {
        println "Publish date property not found on '${pagePath}'"
} else {
    println "Page node not found: ${pagePath}"

Change a category of a page

Check if category is available

import info.magnolia.context.MgnlContext

// Define the path of the page and the category
def pagePath = "/your/page/path"
def catName = "your/category"

//Setup sessions
categorySession = MgnlContext.getJCRSession("category")
websiteSession = MgnlContext.getJCRSession("website")

// Function to check if a category exists
def categoryExists(String categoryName) {
    rootCategoryNode = categorySession.getRootNode()
    return rootCategoryNode.hasNode(categoryName)

// Function to get category uuId
def getCategoryUUID(String categoryName) {
    rootCategoryNode = categorySession.getRootNode()
    def categoryNode = rootCategoryNode.getNode(categoryName)
    return categoryNode.getIdentifier()

// Main script logic
if (websiteSession.nodeExists(pagePath)) {
    def pageNode = websiteSession.getNode(pagePath)

    if (categoryExists(catName)) {
        // Get the uuId
        def catId = getCategoryUUID(catName)
        // Update the category of the page
        pageNode.setProperty("category", catId)
        println "Updated category of page '${pagePath}' to '${catId}' (${catName})"
    } else {
        println "Category '${catName}' does not exist"
} else {
    println "Page node not found: ${pagePath}"

[Hint: Your implementation may differ depending on how you define the category on the page node. It is often stored as an array if several categories can be assigned per page]

Language properties

Recursively iterate over pages and their components, find and delete specific language properties

import info.magnolia.context.MgnlContext
import javax.jcr.Node
import javax.jcr.Session

// Define the language code to identify the properties to delete
def languageCode = "de" // Example: 'de' for German

// Function to delete language-specific properties of a node
def deleteLanguageSpecificProperties(Node node, String langCode) {
    def properties = node.properties
    properties.each { property ->
        if (property.name.endsWith("_${langCode}")) {
            println "Deleted property: ${property.name} from node: ${node.path}"

// Function to process page and component nodes
def processNode(Node node, String langCode) {
    deleteLanguageSpecificProperties(node, langCode)

    // Recursively process child nodes
    node.nodes.each { childNode ->
        processNode(childNode, langCode)

// Main script logic
def session = MgnlContext.getJCRSession("website")
def rootNode = session.getRootNode()

rootNode.nodes.each { pageNode ->
    if (childNode.isNodeType("mgnl:page")) {
        try {
            processNode(pageNode, languageCode)
            session.save() // Save the session after processing each page
        } catch (Exception e) {
            println "Error processing page: ${pageNode.path}, Error: ${e.message}"