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In my career several formats came and went. Like FLV which was some kind of cool Video Format which worked across all browsers back in the years of 2000. But it was killed by Apple after they decided to remove Flash from their devices. As you might know this was not a bad decision. But one format was always there and might stay forever - JPG.

1. Why should i use WebP

In short terms: WebP gives you the same quality with less kilobyte to download. That’s why so many websites already have decided to deliver WebP to their users. It is faster and you still could deliver crisp and sharp photos. But there is more! WebP also could deliver transparent backgrounds something that only PNG is able to do in the web. But WebP compression is better than PNG.

2. WebP isn't supported by photoshop

One big disadvantage from WebP is that a couple of programs doesn’t support WebP. Photoshop only supports webp through a plugin. And that’s not an isolated case. But is it an issue?

No! In modern CMS you can usually upload a JPG or PNG as you already did, and the system is rescaling it automatically. Except Safari in some old OS Versions, it is supported by all major browsers. But implemented as a progressive enhancement you could ship them always in the correct format.

3. WebP in Magnolia

Magnolia CMS offers a brought imaging framework with a bunch of possibilities. With over 10 years of experience, we have more and more fine tuned the imaging delivery process and added also WebP support. It is automatically shipped with our responsive imaging module.

4. Arvato Systems - Responsive Imaging Module

The responsive imaging module by Arvato systems offers you a bunch of additional features which are optimizing your image delivery process.

  • Except the general WebP support there is also the ability to compress lossless or lossy for each image rendition. This compress your images even more.
  • You could transform a JPG or PNG into a WebP and add a white background to all PNGs. That comes handy if you have authors which just don’t care about what they are doing.
  • You could define an even more granular quality setting per image variation.
  • The image scaling process was changed and brings sharper details for huge original images.
  • Advanced fitting features creates optimal images that fits in every resolution
  • Generates width and height for usage of images in responsive scenarios. 
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Marvin Kerkhoff

Marvin Kerkhoff is a web developer since 2004. He started to work for Arvato Systems Schweiz 13 years ago. He did his Magnolia certification in 2010 and achieved the highest Magnolia certification in 2020. He has a strong background in broad E-Commerce and Digital Business projects with various customers.

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