Content strategies with Magnolia CMS

In a digital world where content is continuously produced and consumed, the effective management and organization of digital assets is critical to the success of any organization. This documentation provides a comprehensive guide to developing and implementing robust content strategies specifically designed to optimize the visibility and accessibility of content.

From structuring websites to managing multilingual content to efficiently organizing digital assets, this article covers a wide range of topics.

The aim is to create the basis for improved user interaction and an increased online presence through strategic considerations and technical best practices. The following sections will guide you through the core aspects of site design and organization and how to manage them efficiently with Magnolia CMS.

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About the author

Markus Antalfy

Markus Antalfy, an experienced developer with a great passion for content management systems, has built up extensive knowledge and expertise over the years. He joined Arvato Systems in 2016, specialising in Magnolia CMS and working as a certified Advanced Magnolia Developer. Having worked on numerous projects, he has not only developed a deep understanding of the technical requirements, but also a keen eye for the needs of developers and authors.

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