Salesforce Sales Cloud + Magnolia CMS

How to use Magnolia and Salesforce Sales Cloud together

What Salesforce Sales Cloud offers

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform designed to streamline sales processes, enhance productivity, and drive revenue growth for businesses of all sizes. As part of the Salesforce ecosystem, Sales Cloud provides a wide range of tools and features to help sales teams effectively manage leads, opportunities, and customer relationships.

At its core, Sales Cloud serves as a centralized hub for storing and organizing customer data. It allows sales professionals to track leads, contacts, and accounts, providing a 360-degree view of each customer's interactions with the company. This comprehensive view enables sales reps to better understand customer needs and preferences, leading to more meaningful and personalized interactions.

One of the key features of Sales Cloud is its lead management capabilities. The platform enables sales teams to capture, qualify, and route leads efficiently, ensuring that the right leads are assigned to the right sales reps at the right time. This process helps accelerate the sales cycle and improve conversion rates.

Sales Cloud also offers powerful opportunity management tools, allowing sales reps to track and manage sales opportunities from initial contact to close. The platform provides visibility into the status of each opportunity, as well as tools for forecasting and pipeline management, enabling sales managers to make informed decisions and drive revenue growth.

In addition to lead and opportunity management, Sales Cloud includes features for sales automation, such as workflow rules, email templates, and task automation. These automation capabilities help streamline repetitive tasks and free up time for sales reps to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Sales Cloud's reporting and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into sales performance and effectiveness. Sales teams can track key metrics, such as sales pipeline, win rates, and revenue forecasts, and use this data to identify trends, spot opportunities, and optimize sales strategies.

Overall, Salesforce Sales Cloud is a powerful CRM platform that empowers sales teams to manage leads, opportunities, and customer relationships more effectively. By providing a centralized platform for sales activities and data management, Sales Cloud helps businesses drive revenue growth, improve productivity, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Easy solution, but need custom rest endpoints in salesforce

Form module integration

A very basic integration could be achieved through a form processor within Magnolia's form module. After the submission of a form, the submission executes a chain of functions. They are called form-processors. In these functions, you could send a POST method to a corresponding REST API which you need to create within Salesforce Sales Cloud. This is usualy what you want if you integrate Salesforces Cases.

Development and module installation needed

Connect with the Marketing Automation Connector Pack

Beside the form module solution, which does not offer you to use Salesforce Sales Cloud Data Integration within Magnolia, you could also use an extension for Salesforce Pardot that builds upon the Magnolia Marketing Automation Connector Pack. This Connector Pack can be obtained directly from Magnolia alongside the DX Core edition.

Please notice that there is no dedicated forms API that gives you the fields of a form. In fact, you are connecting to a database object, and you could choose which fields you want to show from this object. The integration will create new entries based on the form data.

For further help, please contact the folks from Arvato Systems. They have a lot of experience and will help you, for sure.

Not recommended, no out of the box solution

Embed sign up form from Salesforce Sales Cloud

If you only prefer to show a sign-up form from Salesforce Sales Cloud you will probably end up with a lot of custom-made solutions. Salesforce Sales Cloud is not offering the ability to create forms like Salesforce Pardot does. You could probably create a custom Endpoint that delivers HTML Data to embed it, but this would end up requiring a lot of customization, which is in fact not recommended.