Matomo + Magnolia CMS

How to use Magnolia and Matomo together

What matomo offers

Integrating Matomo into your website provides a robust solution for comprehensive analytics and user insights. By seamlessly incorporating Matomo, you unlock a range of possibilities to understand and optimize your site's performance.

One of the key advantages of Matomo is its commitment to data privacy. As a self-hosted analytics platform, Matomo allows you to retain control over your data, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. This level of control is crucial for businesses and organizations that prioritize data security and user privacy.

Moreover, Matomo provides customizable dashboards and reports, allowing you to focus on the metrics that matter most to your objectives. From tracking the success of marketing campaigns to understanding user journeys on your site, Matomo's integration offers a versatile toolkit for informed decision-making.

In summary, integrating Matomo enhances your website's analytics capabilities, offering detailed insights into user behavior, while maintaining control over data privacy. This empowers you to make data-driven decisions, refine your strategies, and ultimately optimize the overall user experience on your site.

Easy peasy, out of the box

About the basic integration

The integration involves embedding Matomo's tracking code into your web pages, allowing the platform to collect and analyze visitor data.

Once set up, Matomo offers detailed reports on various aspects of user engagement, including page views, click-through rates, and visitor demographics. This information is invaluable for gaining a deep understanding of your audience and tailoring your content or services to better meet their needs.

This integration does not offer any type of deep integration with the magnolia cms interface. The main focus of this integration is to collect data, which you could visualize within Matomo.

How to integrate analytics tracking

Follow our tag manager tutorial

Development and module installation needed

About the advanced integration

Beside the tracking only solution you could also integrate the matomo data into magnolia itself. This channel is solved through a magnolia extension developed by Magnolia. This extension builds upon the Magnolia Analytics Connector Pack, which can be obtained directly from Magnolia alongside the DX Core edition.

It offers an integration in the Magnolia pages app, dashboard creation within magnolia to show the necessary data at the page where authors watching them. It also builds the foundation for A/B Testing with magnolia's A/B Testing Module.

For further help please contact the folks from Magnolia. They will help you for sure.