Mailchimp + Magnolia CMS

How to use Magnolia and Mailchimp together

What mailchimp offers

Mailchimp, an all-in-one marketing platform, offers a range of tools and features designed to streamline comprehensive marketing efforts. In the realm of email marketing, users can create and send targeted campaigns, choosing from a selection of professionally designed templates or crafting their own. The platform allows for audience segmentation, enabling personalized targeting, and supports the creation of automated email campaigns based on user actions or predefined triggers.

In the Marketing CRM sphere, Mailchimp provides a centralized hub to store and manage audience contact information. Users can organize their audience with tags and groups, facilitating targeted campaigns, and gain insights into detailed contact profiles that track engagement and interactions.

Mailchimp extends its capabilities to Ad Campaigns, allowing users to create and manage social media ad campaigns directly from the platform. Additionally, the platform supports the retargeting of website visitors through Google ads, enhancing brand visibility.

With a Website Builder feature, Mailchimp enables the design and publication of landing pages to promote products or events. Users can effortlessly create customizable forms to capture customer information directly on their websites.

Marketing Automation is a strong suit of Mailchimp, empowering users to design automated workflows that engage and nurture leads based on their interactions. The platform also facilitates automated product recommendations through product retargeting.

Insights and Analytics tools provided by Mailchimp enable users to track campaign performance with detailed reports on opens, clicks, and more. A/B testing is available to optimize various email elements, and users can gain valuable insights into the predicted demographics of their audience.

E-Commerce Integration is seamless with Mailchimp, allowing users to connect the platform to their online stores to track sales and customer data. The platform even supports the automatic sending of emails to users who abandon their shopping carts.

For those on the go, Mailchimp offers a Mobile App, providing the convenience of managing campaigns, viewing reports, and engaging with the audience anytime, anywhere.

Mailchimp's user-friendly and scalable approach makes it a preferred choice for businesses of various sizes seeking to enhance and streamline their marketing efforts across multiple channels.

Easy peasy, out of the box

Form module integration

A very basic integration could be achieved through a form processor within Magnolia's form module. After the submission of a form, the submission executes a chain of functions. They are called form-processors. In these functions, you could send a POST method to the corresponding end point of any marketing automation tool.

Development and module installation needed

Connect with the Marketing Automation Connector Pack

Beside the form module solution, which does not offer you to use Mailchimp Forms within Magnolia, you could also use an extension for MailChimp that builds upon the Magnolia Marketing Automation Connector Pack. This Connector Pack can be obtained directly from Magnolia alongside the DX Core edition.

The module will offer you the option to choose any type of MailChimp Form and display it however you like inside Magnolia.

For further help, please contact the folks from Magnolia. They will help you, for sure.

Inject a light module and configure it

Light module integration

There is another integration that looks very promising, built by the folks from PRODYNA. It is using only light development to interact with MailChimp. They use the form builder from MailChimp which means you cannot use the Magnolia form module.

This module will probably not work if you want to use custom actions alongside MailChimp or you have to chain everything through MailChimp which could be a successful strategy with this module.

Besides that, it is also integrating some management functions from mailchimp inside magnolia which could be benefitial if you search for them.

For further help, please contact the folks from PRODYNA. They will help you, for sure.