HubSpot + Magnolia CMS

How to use Magnolia and HubSpot together

What HubSpot offers

Integrating HubSpot into your content management system (CMS) offers a seamless solution for managing and optimizing your marketing efforts directly within your website or digital platform.

By embedding HubSpot's tracking code into your CMS, you can easily capture and analyze visitor data, including their interactions, behaviors, and preferences. This integration allows you to gain valuable insights into your audience's engagement with your content, enabling you to tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

Moreover, integrating HubSpot forms into your CMS enables you to capture leads directly from your website and automatically sync them with your HubSpot database. This streamlines the lead generation process and ensures that all captured leads are centralized within your HubSpot account for further nurturing and engagement.

Additionally, with HubSpot's email marketing tools integrated into your CMS, you can create and send targeted email campaigns to your contacts directly from your website. This integration simplifies the process of managing your email marketing efforts and ensures that your campaigns are seamlessly integrated with your overall marketing strategy.

Furthermore, by incorporating HubSpot's marketing automation capabilities into your CMS, you can automate various marketing tasks and workflows, such as lead nurturing sequences, email follow-ups, and personalized content delivery. This automation streamlines your marketing processes, saves time, and ensures that your marketing efforts are consistently optimized for maximum impact.

Overall, integrating HubSpot into your CMS provides a comprehensive solution for managing and optimizing your marketing efforts directly within your website or digital platform. By leveraging the power of HubSpot's tools and capabilities, you can enhance your marketing strategy, streamline your workflows, and drive better results for your business.

Easy peasy, out of the box

Form module integration

A very basic integration could be achieved through a form processor within Magnolia's form module. After the submission of a form, the submission executes a chain of functions. They are called form-processors. In these functions, you could send a POST method to the corresponding end point of any marketing automation tool.

Development and module installation needed

Connect with the Marketing Automation Connector Pack

Beside the form module solution, which does not offer you to use HubSpot Forms within Magnolia, you could also use an extension for HubSpot that builds upon the Magnolia Marketing Automation Connector Pack. This Connector Pack can be obtained directly from Magnolia alongside the DX Core edition.

The module will offer you the option to choose any type of HubSpot Form and display it however you like inside Magnolia.

For further help, please contact the folks from Magnolia. They will help you, for sure.

Easy peasy, out of the box

Embed sign up form from HubSpot

If you only prefer to show a sign-up form, you could also create a form inside HubSpot and use a usual HTML component within the magnolia page. If you don't have an HTML component available, please ask your implementation administrator. They probably removed permissions.